What is Trials of Thoth?

Trial of Thoth is a physics-based, first-person puzzle game set in an ancient Egyptian ruin.


WASD                 move

Spacebar           jump

Right Click         pick up/drop          

Left Click           throw

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Level 1

Level 1


Level 1 Iteration


The Process

Team Josh Biemans, Courtney Bensette, Isaac Atfield, Erick Castillo, Eric Crosby, Chris Mulholland

Levels 1 (CM), 2 (CB), 3 (EC), 4 (JB), 5 (IA), 6 (EC)

Enemy Assets Scarab (IA), Spider (EC), Mummy (EC), Fire (CB), Heavy (JB), Camel (CM)

Engine Unity

Deadline 2 Months