What is The Butterfly Effect?

The Butterfly Effect is a game that represents the impact your positive actions can have on other people and the world.


WASD                  move

Left Click long range shot

Right Click short range spray

R          restart 

Click to Play

How to Play

Find your opportunities to change the world


The Process

Theme Healing is not a linear path.

Team Chris Mulholland

Engine GameMaker

Deadline 48 Hours

This game was created for LoJam 2019 which took place on January 11th - 13th. The game jam was about exploring mental health, more specifically, “Healing is not a linear path”.

I have always been fascinated by chaos theory. Everyone’s actions, no matter how small, have a wide impact on all of humanity. This impact is not seen by the individual, the chain reaction is not realized, because we all live within our own bubble. We say things, do things, and move on with our day without realizing the broad implications of our actions.

For this game jam I decided to visualize this process to show people that their actions are meaningful.