What is Quest for Chaos?

Quest for Chaos is a 2.5d platformer where you play as the villains on a quest to restore glory to the dark lord.


AD                      move

Spacebar           jump

Right Click         dash   

Left Click           attack       

The Process

Team Kyle Miranda, Matt Hobbs, Luke Lavictoire, Zack Petropoulakis, Chris Mulholland

Levels 1 (CM), 2 (MH), 3 (KM), 4 (LL), 5 (CM), 6 (MH), 7 (ZP), 8 (KM), 9 (ZP), 10 (LL)

Heroes Patches (CM), Druke (MH), Dwarg (LL), Armirra (KM), Flower (ZP)

Enemies Plant/Bee (CM), Ghost (MH), Dragon (LL), Statue/Wall Clinger (KM), Puff/Fan (ZP)

Sound Menu/1/3/5 (CM), 2/4/6/7/8/9/10 (Connor Grail)

Engine Unity

Deadline 2 Months